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Strategic Defense,
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Strategic Defense,
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Traffic Violation Lawyers in Orlando

Helping You Protect Your Driving Privileges

Whether you’re a seasoned driver or you’ve only had your license for a few years, there’s a very high chance you will eventually receive a traffic ticket or violation. Speeding, running a red light, or even having a missing tail light can be enough for a traffic citation. While paying the traffic ticket yourself might seem like the most straightforward way to go, there are many reasons why you might want to hire a traffic lawyer to represent you instead.

Traffic tickets can have long-term consequences, including a license suspension or even a revocation of your driving privileges. In severe instances, you could go to criminal court and face criminal charges for a traffic violation. If you need assistance with a traffic offense, our team at Alain Rivas & Associates, P.A., can help. To speak to a traffic ticket lawyer and receive a free consultation, call us today at 407-934-0324.

What Are Moving and Nonmoving Violations?

Moving and nonmoving violations are both traffic offenses under the law. However, moving violations are often considered more severe and can even lead to a suspended or revoked license.

Below are the primary moving violations you may be charged with in Florida:

  • Speeding
  • Causing an accident
  • Road rage
  • Improper lane change
  • Stop sign violation
  • Careless or reckless driving
  • Failure to obey a traffic control device
  • Racing
  • Failing to signal a turn
  • Driving too fast for the conditions

In contrast, here are the main nonmoving violations you could face:

  • Improperly displayed license plate
  • Having illegal tint
  • Failure to show proof of insurance
  • Driving without insurance
  • Driving with an expired vehicle tag or registration
  • Parking in a handicapped spot
  • Leaving the scene of an accident
  • Driving without a license
  • Parking in a restricted area
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Habitual traffic offender
  • Possessing a counterfeit vehicle registration

Any of these traffic violations could lead to a traffic ticket. Simply paying the ticket can lead to points on your permanent driving record that can impact your ability to renew your license. Too many points can even lead to fines and jail time. For more information, contact our law firm today.

What is Reckless Driving in Florida?

Operating your vehicle in an unsafe way could lead to a reckless driving ticket. Reckless driving is a severe traffic violation that can lead to serious consequences. If you are charged with reckless driving, hiring a criminal defense lawyer is essential.

The violations that can lead to a reckless driving charge include:

  • Driving more than 40 mph over the speed limit
  • Ignoring traffic signals
  • Passing in an unsafe manner
  • Driving down the middle of the road
  • Failing to see pedestrians
  • Driving through a crowded area

Reckless driving penalties can range from hefty fines to years in prison. If you are facing a reckless driving ticket, contact our team of criminal defense attorneys today. We will work to get your case dismissed or the charges against you reduced to avoid these severe penalties.

How Can You Get Your Ticket Reduced?

While a speeding ticket, parking ticket, or other traffic ticket may seem like a case that cannot be challenged, there are many ways a traffic lawyer on our team can argue in your defense. Your specific strategy will depend on the traffic ticket and the nature of your case, but some common strategies may be relevant to you.

The most common ways to get your traffic tickets reduced include:

  • Fighting a red light camera citation. Red light cameras often make mistakes, assigning tickets to innocent drivers.
  • Questioning the identity of the driver. Prosecutors must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you were the one driving. If this is challenged, there is a chance your case could be dismissed.
  • Verifying signage. Traffic signs must be clear and visible with specific timelines if applicable. If signs are unreadable or illegible, you can use this in your defense.

Should I Hire a Traffic Violations Lawyer?

Traffic infractions can have severe implications on your driving privileges. Too many traffic tickets can lead to a license suspension, which can affect your ability to remain employed or get an education. If you have a traffic ticket, you have the right to meet with an attorney to ensure your rights are protected, and you are advocated for in court.

Our team of criminal defense attorneys at Alain Rivas & Associates, P.A., can protect you from increased insurance rates, jail time, and other consequences. For a free consultation and to learn more about our services, call our office today at 407-934-0324.