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Strategic Defense,
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Driving Without Registration

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No matter which state you are in, Driving without a registration or driving without tags is illegal.

Read below to learn more about the Law, the penalty for driving without registration, and the best Legal Defense strategies for your case.

Vehicle registration In Florida

The registration of a vehicle in Florida, as in every state in the US, Is a mandatory requirement in order for a vehicle to be considered valid and legally accounted for by the Government.

Legally speaking, In Florida, a vehicle must be registered within 10 days of “establishing residency.”  Failure to register your vehicle within that 10 day grace period, could result in a penalty for no car registration for starters, and grow into a massive legal liability depending on other factors surrounding the situation.

Registering a New Vehicle in Florida

In the case that you are moving to Florida, or have recently purchased a vehicle in the State, there are a few important items to consider before you walk into the DMV.

  • Register your Vehicle for Florida Driver’s Insurance. In order to apply for your vehicle to be registered in the State of Florida, you must have proof of an active insurance policy for the vehicle you are registering for.
  • Secure your Vehicle Title and have a copy with you. A Vehicle cannot be registered if there is not a Valid Title in your possession.
  • Make an Appointment with the DMV before attempting to register your vehicle. The DMV may require additional information and documents to fully register your vehicle. During your initial call, your representative will inform you of relevant documents and other needs to easily complete the registration process.
  • Check the Menu of Fees so you have an idea of what to expect during checkout.

Driving without Vehicle Registration

Regardless of which state you reside in, traffic laws specifically state that it is unlawful to operate a motor vehicle under different circumstances. If the vehicle has never been registered in Florida with the DMV, or if the vehicle has been previously registered, but whose registration is now expired, are both examples of ticketed violations and infractions that can be assessed if you were to be pulled over.

Penalties for No Valid Registration

In the event that you are pulled over and have expired vehicle registration, it is important to understand the consequences and timelines that will determine if you will receive a ticket for not registering the car or possibly more severe penalties.

In the event that your vehicle registration has been expired for less than 6 months, the infraction is not considered a criminal offense, but there will be fees to pay. However, if your registration has been expired for longer than 6 months, the charges become more severe and can be considered a Second Degree Misdemeanor which comes with up to a $500 fine, up to 60 Days in Jail, and Up to Six Months Probation.

Failing to register your vehicle in Florida can have serious consequences and can even affect your insurance rates.

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Meeting Vehicle registration requirements within the necessary timeline in Florida can be difficult, especially during the melee of acclimating yourself to a new state or sorting out the multitude of other tasks you have on your plate during this period of time.

The attorneys and Alain Rivas & Associates P.A. understand that it is not always possible to meet these requirements, and may need Legal advice to avoid penalties. Our legal team is standing by with the legal advice you need to keep your record clean, your vehicle legal, and your insurance premiums down.

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